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Always listen to your mama.

beckyDon’t talk with your mouth full. When I was your age… Everybody remembers those great one-liners mama had. We call them mama-isms. Of course, she was just lookin’ out for us.
And so is Yo Mama! We provide healthy and delicious self-serve frozen yogurt – with new flavors every day. Most varieties have zero fat, and all our frozen yogurt provides probiotic cultures for added health benefits. It’s dessert for the health-conscious that’s also mama-approved! Add scrumptious toppings to our frozen yogurt and you’ve created true goodness! Or, indulge with a delicious Italian cookie or gourmet drink – all made from fresh, local ingredients..
When I decided to open Yo Mama!, I wanted to create a fun place. A place in Wauwatosa to enjoy a healthy treat (for a change). A place to bring your kids (we have four) or to hang out after school. And a place to even post your own mama-ism on our wall (yes, you’ve got one). Why? Because that’s the way mama would’ve wanted it.

Becky Berger
Mother. Goodness provider. Owner of Yo Mama!
becky berger