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Mama’s looking out for your health! Most frozen yogurt flavors have zero fat – and all varieties provide healthy probiotic cultures!
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You can’t function on an empty stomach, you know.

How much goodness can you handle? Build your own healthy frozen yogurt creation in just 3 easy steps. And with toppings like fruit, candy or hot fudge, you won’t want to be shy. It’s true goodness from a person we all know and love.

How to create goodness:

  1. grab a cup – Little Mama, Big Mama or Yo Mama!
  2. make your creation – Choose from 10 frozen yogurt flavors – and 35 toppings!
  3. weigh & pay – You’ve achieved goodness!

What's mama serving today?

Frozen yogurt goodness!

We’re serving new frozen yogurt flavors all the time! Most have zero fat, some are very low in fat, and we always offer a no-sugar option and dairy-free sorbet.

Toppings – my goodness!

Pick from 35 toppings like fresh sliced strawberries, raspberries or nuts, or satisfy your inner cravings with options like candy, hot fudge or more!

Baked goodness!

Sweet mama! When she’s not offering healthy frozen yogurt, she’s in the kitchen baking. Enjoy a delicious Italian cookie, caramel apple or gourmet beverage – all made from fresh, local ingredients.


Try one of our thin and crispy Italian waffle cookies,  homemade, using pizzelle irons!
  • Vanilla
  • Almond
  • Lemonade
  • Chocolate
  • Chocolate cherry
  • Apple Pie

Simma’s Bakery

  • Cheesecake and other delicious baked goodies


  • Caramel apples
  • Chocolate dipped goodies

Goodness by the cup!

Add a gourmet beverage for pure goodness!
  • Gourmet hot chocolate – milk steamed with our real chocolate (several flavors available)
  • Mama Au Lait (Café Au Lait) – fresh brewed Alterra coffee with steamed milk and your choice of a flavored syrup
  • Assorted teas, waters and soda