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Mama loves her neighborhood. That’s why she works with Alterra, Simma’s and Sweettrio – to bring you fresh, local goodness!
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You'll thank me when
you're older.

You know mama cared, even if she didn’t always show it. Yo Mama! cares too – about you, your health, our kids, our community and our environment. It’s a whole lot of goodness sweetie. Are you feelin’ the love yet?

Our health

Yo mama! prides itself in offering quality, healthy products that are also, well, yummy. Most frozen yogurt varieties have zero fat, some are very low in fat, and we always offer a no-sugar option.
Our frozen yogurt is crafted with one of the highest counts of beneficial live natural yogurt cultures. These probiotic cultures help ensure the proper balance needed for digestion and good health. Many lactose-intolerant individuals can enjoy our frozen yogurt because it is truly cultured and fermented – although we also offer a dairy-free sorbet. Yo Mama!’s frozen yogurt is a good source of calcium and certified Kosher. Plus, Yo Mama! offers scrumptious, healthy toppings such as sliced strawberries, raspberries or nuts.

Our children

Yo Mama! isn’t only a healthy place for kids – it’s a fun place! After kids create their Yo Mama! frozen yogurt masterpiece – complete with toppings – they can submit their “secret recipe” right at the store. We’ll pick a fun creation each week, post that child’s picture and publish the recipe in a book with the name chosen. Kids will love to see what they can create!

Our community

Wauwatosa isn’t just where our store is located – it’s mama’s home! And Yo Mama! couldn’t be more proud. That’s why you’ll see us involved in community events, spreading frozen yogurt goodness. If you see us, don’t be a stranger.

Our environment

Mama just doesn’t love good health, she loves the environment. Yo Mama! is always thinking green – from our packaging, countertops and outdoor deck, which are made from recycled material, to the environmentally friendly products used for our coolers and yogurt machines. But we don’t stop there. We purchase all our coffee from local supplier Alterra, and all our furniture is made in the United States. Mama would be proud.